Saturday, February 2, 2008

Getting better all the time

I just woke up about 15 minutes ago and I feel SO much better! AHH!
I had three nights in a row where I didn't have solid sleep and kept waking up. The sleep I had two nights ago was the worse because I felt as though I never actually got into that deep sleep. But last night... EHHH! I slept solid through the night. The lack of sleep I was having was making me go crazy. What else is making me crazy right now? BEING STUCK IN THIS HOUSE! The last time I left the house was on Tuesday and it was for a very short amount of time (probably about 20 minutes tops) and it was just to get a couple things from the store. I feel like I'm stuck in a [tissue] box.
22 days until that amazingly awesome thing!!!!!!! :)
I'm going to go eat some breakfast and enjoy being better.

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