Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 Sucks

When Isaac was leaving America at the end of October 2008, I already knew that 2009 was going to suck. At that time, I actually thought we'd be able to see each other at least once or twice this year but that still didn't seem like enough.
That has changed. In the beginning of this year we came to the realization that we can't see each other AT ALL (in person) this year. It would cost too much and we need the money for his moving here and our marriage and everything. And immigration is stressful and hard to deal with. If a couple wasn't strong enough, this process would really split them apart I'm sure. We're doing well though, we have to work together.
So if that's not sucky enough...
People keep dying all over. Not just celebs, mind you. Neighbor, grandpa, people. Not people I'm necessarily that close to but still more than I'm used to. Ziggy got horribly sick and that was scary. Now my dog Daisy is really hurt in her rib area. She can't roll over or lay on her side and we can't pick her up without her crying.
Plus my mom getting that twisted ovary and going to the hospital for a while with a while of thinking it could be an cancerous cyst.
And while we are trying to pay that off, I had to go to the doctor for something that I won't even talk about. More money. Keep having to have my blood drawn. Even MORE money. And now taking hormone pills because I'm a man... EVEN MORE MONEY. It's hard to stay calm about this stuff when you also have to think about the fact that it's bloody expensive!
Plus, Jon and Kate separating and all that shit. Seriously, that bothers me. I am officially on Kate's side of things. Jon needs to grow up.
That kind of lined up with my friend Celsie and her ex. They have a wonderful daughter and were going to get married back in like May or something. Well, they broke up. They are still friends and he isn't abandoning their daughter, he takes her every other week. It's just sad.

I might just be focusing too much on the bad and not on the good but seriously, I am not liking this year. I can't wait until 2010 because I feel that will be a good one.

In other news, my 21st birthday is on the 7th of August which is a week and a day ahead. Too bad I work that day, and all the days around it.


Miroslav the snow lover said...

Happy Birthday (insert here a picture of a cake).

I don't know why I don't really comment on your youtubing or here. I tend to watch stuff and I forget to comment.

Anyways, to get something good you go through something bad, don't be afraid of the bad...for example, I needed a new cell phone, bad = my bank account had $399.99 (CAD) less but the good thing is my phone is awesome.

You will see through all the hard things you are going through and the immigration, it will end up with a very good thing.

Just in case you feel that only you are suffering through this (one of my best friends was in the same situation, except she was in Canada and he was in United Arab Emirates, they pull through it and they are happily married), Yes long distance relationships are harder but I am sure he makes you happy. You will see, it will all happen so fast and you will be walking down the aisle (or whatever it is for your religion/traditions/customs/etc)...

Faith said...

There's been death around here too. Reminds me, for some reason, of where the bible says peopls hearts will be failing them for fear in the end days. Is it only going to get worse?

progvamp said...

I hear ya! Lost my loving cat about a month ago... Will never get over it I'm sure. He was like my best friend and loving pal and kid altogether. It was something else the thing we had. Gone too soon.
my sympathies for your loss.
Take care!

The Luckiest said...

Leigh Nash's song 'Ocean Size Love' seems like the perfect song for you two.
I hope the time between you goes quick and then when you finally can be together that those moments slow down.
I can only imagine how difficult it is to be apart from the one you love.

Peanut Cream said...


I can't imagine having to wait that long to see your boyfriend. Mike came over in March and I'm going to see him in December. I think he's also coming over in March for my spring break next year. Then...I don't know where we're going after that. I want to study abroad. So maybe, we'll be together then. He wants to marry me before I graduate but I don't know how it's all going to work. I'm freaking out. At least, you know somewhat of where you're going.

As for your problem, that sucks. I'm sorry. I don't know if it's a similar problem to yours but I have PCOS and I have to constantly be on birth control (and emotional). :/

Anway, I hope you're doing well today. I love reading your blog posts. I feel I can relate to you in a way and I enjoy hearing your thoughts. :)