Sunday, September 6, 2009

Junk all over!

Something I've been needing to get is a queen sized bed. You can't really expect us to share a twin when we get married, can you? Besides, it would be nice to upgrade. Well, I finally got one! Well, the mattress set anyways. Not the bed frame or anything but that's alright.
I went looking all over for something affordable but still cheap. I ended up finding a floor model for a pretty good price and then when the guy mentioned shipping costs ($55), I hesitated and started wondering if I knew someone with a truck that could get it for me. Well, the man ended up lowering the price of the mattress $55! So it was like getting free shipping! I was happy about that, so of course I got it.
That will be coming on Tuesday.

The bed I have now has drawers in it that I kept a bunch of stuff stored in. I realized I need to find a place to put it all and that has been making my head a'splode!

I have stuff all over this house, it seems. It wouldn't be that bad but I already have about 85% of the stuff I need to move out (which means I just need main furniture stuff and a few random items). Kitchen stuff, bathroom items, etc. I am taking up a bunch of space in my room with it, a bunch of space in the office closet, and then even more in the spare bedroom. I feel like I'm taking up way too much space but it wouldn't be that bad if I moved out and was able to put it all where it belongs! And it's good that I already have most of it so I don't have to worry later. I just really don't like having to shove so much in small spaces! Drives me nuts!
So then when I need to store even small items away, I'm all out of room! So I've been spending most of tonight trying to re-organize it.

I also planned on having a yard sale this summer but it's already September and I don't know if I'll even be able to do it soon! So I might have to just Craigslist it all or something. I'm trying to get rid of a lot of random stuff.

One item I want to sell is my old (well, like 2006 old) camcorder. I hardly used it because it takes mini-dv tapes and I really don't have the patience to wait for that to import onto my computer. It's not HD or anything but it's not a webcam so I will try and sell it. Not sure how much for. If I can't sell it locally, I will probably go on Ebay.

I have BAGS and BAGS and BOXES of stuff to get rid of, a lot of which is pretty nice and I just never used so I am hoping to get a little money from it instead of just giving it away.

Whoa I talk about nothing but say so much.......


The Luckiest said...

I'm going through the same thing! My husband and I are moving to Switzerland and I'm trying to get rid of everything so we won't have to move much. It's stressful!! Good luck to you! :)

Judieke said...

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