Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Play that funky music white boy..

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there readers. Wow, I really dragged that one on.
I just woke up, if that makes any difference. I don't work today which is wonderful but I always spend the first half (if not all) of my days off of work being very slow and lazy.
Yesterday at work was one of those "this is the day that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends!..." kind of days. Oh man, I felt like going to the back room and hiding there a couple times. It just wasn't fun at all. Me and the other lady at the cutting counter almost didn't get to go on our breaks because we kept asking over and over for someone to come and help at the cutting counter so that one of us could go but no one would EVER respond. Not even to say, "Sorry, we're all busy!" They WOULD respond if we asked them any other question though meaning they COULD HEAR US. Made me angry. We eventually went on our breaks way after they were supposed to be when another lady arrived to work. Thank you.

So what has happened since my last update?

On September 16th, Isaac had his visa interview at the US Embassy in London. All went well except for one thing that I didn't do. I didn't get a paper notarized. I'll do that today when I bring my check into the bank. SO when I send that to him and then he sends it along with his passport to the embassy, he will then have the visa! Next step in this process would be for him to pack his stuff that he's sending over here and finding the best/cheapest way to send it all.

On the 18th, Lindsay invited me to see a band her co-worker's in called "Funkamungus". It was at Stillwater in Ashland which is a small dark bar that took ages to find. We were looking for some sort of sign but never saw one. Instead, we just saw the address painted on the side. I wasn't really expecting much, to be honest. When we arrived at around 8 (when the doors opened) and the show was to start at 9. At first we just looked in only to see a couple people so we went on a little walk and then came back. When we came back, there was slightly more people so we went in and waited. During the wait, the crowd grew. Finally at about 9:15 or so, they started.
At first I just felt awkward there... as I do anywhere. We kept trying to find a place in the growing crowd to view from but we were always ending up by the water cooler, the back room door, etc. Just constantly having to move out of the way for people. Just way too small in there for all those people!
We then left to Albertsons to get out for a moment and when we came back in it was like a wall of heat hit us when we walked in. It felt as though you can't breathe!
After they had a little break and they opened some doors for air, we moved to a better location. There's where we actually got into it and I had a blast dancing to the funky music! Oh man, why aren't there more funk bands? Seriously, I had so much fun and everyone there was enjoying it as much as I was. Everyone was a dancing fool, seriously. I didn't care that I was in a big group of strangers (ahh social problemsssssss!) and it was super hot in there. We left at midnight because Lindsay had to get home so we didn't get to see the whole thing.
Ok that was my experience but what about the band? Were they actually any good?
YES! The band website had their bios which need to be updated because there are a couple people that are different. They had a trumpet player which isn't on there and a different singer. They really got into the music and looked like they were having a party on stage as well just dancing and laughing. They were really entertaining for me.
I do like funk music but since I've never heard anyone play it live, I didn't know I like it as much as I do.
So thank you, Funkamungus.

There are pictures on their website from that night
. Unfortunately, you can't hear the music or feel the vibe of the crowd in them. You can't even really tell how much everyone was dancing! So thank you, Lindsay, for inviting me.

On the 21st we had a bunch of fires in our area which was scary.

Other than that, I haven't had much going on.


KorganRivera said...


Which form needed to be notarised? My fiancee is now panicking because we didn't know anything had to be notarized and my interview is in about a month.


Melody said...

Oh don't worry too much. Things are just delayed a tiny bit, we're not flat out denied!
We needed the letter of intent to marry notarized.
Well I guess it's only if it has been a whole bunch of months since the NOA2. If you just got the NOA2 right before, you don't need to do that.

lenny said...

You're welcome! I'm really happy that you went with me :))))

Madi said...

Hey! It's Lindsay's friend from Funkamungus. I had someone send me the link to this blog and, if you don't mind, I would like to post your commentary on us on our site. If it's ok, please email me at I'm so glad to hear that you had a blast and I hope you can come out and see us again. Our next gig is at the Applegate River Lodge on Nov. 18th -- time TBA We'll have new songs and a new keyboard player to throw into the mix. Good stuff all around.