Saturday, August 15, 2009


I should be asleep. I work in the morning and then have plans with Lindsay after work. I want to be awake for this.
But I can't.
I bet you're expecting me to say something is on my mind and it is making me unable to sleep.

The truth is..

I ate one of those long tubes of Pixie Stix tonight. I bought two of them when I went to see Lindsay where she works. I haven't had Pixie Stix in a long time but it's been even longer since I've had the giant kind. I forgot that they are impossible to open without a knife or something. I spent about 10 minutes chewing on the end until it burst open.

So now I have a ton of sugar in me and I can feel it. When will I crash?

Oh wait a second.
I put the window with the blog down as I went to some other sites and I am suddenly very tired so now Melody goes night-night.

I also realized recently that I say "I" a lot and start most of my sentences with it. How can I avoid that? Seriously. It's bugging me.

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Peanut Cream said...

I can't stand some words repeating. So, I had to laugh at all the bolded "Is". I loved it. :P