Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tired, but still sober

I am tired and can't wait for a day or two or four off. ;)
Even with short shifts, it still messes with my days. Waking up earlier or whatever, having to make plans around it, and then thinking about my next day at work.
I really can't complain, it's a job. Plus, I begged for this job back. Well, not really. I just went in and said "HEY!" and got it back. Not exactly like that but it may as well have been. Still, I appreciate my job but I can never get used to CUSTOMERS. You, customers, are the reason it's hard to go to work. You, customers, are the reason I want to hide in a corner and wimper.
Don't worry, I know that most customers are just human but those few/hundred that come in daily and don't have anything better to do than make me feel like shit are really making me bitter about ALL customers. Sorry about that, I don't hate you all. :)
Anyone in any kind of customer service job can probably relate. Oh the horror. Oh the minimum wage. Oh.
So I'm 21 now. Not much exciting about that. I don't drink and haven't drank anything yet. No, seriously. Ever. In my life. Haven't had alcohol. Never felt the need or anything and never set myself in an environment where people were drinking. Plus, I kind of liked knowing that I am/was a rare breed - under aged people that didn't drink alcohol. Even when I checked "No" next to "drinks alcohol" on a questionnaire at the doctor's office, the doctor assumed I just didn't want to say yes and get in trouble for being under 21. Psh, my answer IS no.
Now, that's not to say that I thought everyone that drank as a teenager is inferior or stupid. I just didn't feel like I needed to. Though I must say that I will never understand people who only seem to hang out with friends if they are drinking. I see it on MySpace on the time. It seems like people only have pictures of themselves at partys with a drink in their hands acting careless. I even remember this in high school.
But now that that has been said, I will most likely drink some time soon. I mean, I'm 21. I've reached my "goal". I remember when I was a child and told myself I wouldn't drink until I was old enough. It's not as though I had to consiously remind myself all the time of this or that I felt pressured by society to. It stuck with me, that's all. We will see how this goes. >_<
And now, I shall go. I'm so bloody tired. I have no idea why I'm even up or why I typed a blog when I rather be in bed. I have been tired since I woke up early this morning! Crazy Melody.


Spiceymike said...

I actually wholeheartedly agree with you on the drinking debate. I don't consider myself a drinker, but as the years have gone by I think I've managed to stay in a "comfortable spot" as such when it comes to drinking every now and again, especially with a crowd.

About 2 weeks ago I had to go out as someone from work was leaving and we went to several pubs. I had about 4 pints of cider but I still felt pretty good by the next morning. So I think also it's about knowing your limits as it's nice to know about the things you can still remember from the night before.

Come to think of it I will admit now that I've never been fully drunk in my life ever as far as I know. I've always drank enough to know I've still been in control & I think that's the most important thing.

Arturius said...

Turning 21 is not just about the drinking but also the places that you get access to IMO. If you're still in the same town over there in the big O state then I can't imagine there is many night clubs or party places over there. But if you ever come down here to Cali to maybe visit Stevie Ryan again I'm sure you would have tons of fun club hopping or going to some of the fun concert halls.

Either way you seem like the type who would be fine having a drink or two out with friends. Just make sure you have a designated driver at all times.

On a side note you might want to check out this ad I saw posted in Los Angeles Craigslist

Maybe you and Isaac can get signed up =P.

WhitneyRivera said...

Hey there :) I found your site while searching youtube for K1 Fiance Visa stuff. I agree with your video rant completely. :)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am also a young (24) lady that lives in the US and my fiance lives in the UK. We're currently going through the whole visa process and it's proving to be such a pain and very freaking stressful.

Not sure how far along in the process you are, but if you ever want to talk or share experiences or advice then it might be fun to chat. :)

Perhaps you know more people that are going through what you and your fiance are going through - I know I've certainly had a hard time finding anyone to listen to me talk about our situation past "visa"...then their eyes kind of glaze over. :/

Anyway, hope all is well! :)


Melody said...

Go to and join. Seriously, life savers. And people that will actually listen to you and help! It's amazing. Just go to the forums. I'm BowieChick on there as well.

WhitneyRivera said...

I'm already ahead of you there. :) I've been a member of visajourney since early this year. :) You can find me as appledrop.