Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go away, I don't want you!

Blogs are great. I'm going to blog now.

Do you have shit to say about how our (mine and Isaac's) relationship and marriage won't work? Funny, I noticed you were a single old man that knows nothing about our relationship and strength.

Nothing against unmarried men that are advanced in age or anything... but complete offense to those that I am referring to. And yes, it's relevant to mention that you're SINGLE and OLD and a MAN. With those details I can easily come to the conclusion that you have no idea what you're talking about and there's even a possibility you want me single just so you can dream of having me. Sigh.

I still find it interesting that my demographics are 68% male and of those males, 35-65 is the normal age range. I don't mean to offend any of you who may happen to be in this category but I'm sure you could understand why it kind of makes me uncomfortable, right?

In YouTube (s)news, tomorrow is the last day of April so quite obviously it's the last day of VEDA. I. Can't. Wait. To get it over with. I almost don't remember what it's like to not feel like I have to film and edit and post a video every day. It will certainly be nice for Isaac. We can actually talk without him having to sit through me editing. This all really does cut into our together time.

I am planning on doing my last VEDA out somewhere. Vlogging outside has got to be one of the most awkward things for me to do. I have this social anxiety that's pretty hard to deal with. The feeling I get when I whip out a camera, even around friends, in public is already hard enough. I can't seem to talk to the camera with people around, bah! All I can worry about when by myself is, "What if someone walks out from around that corner right now? How will I look sitting here by myself talking to a camera?" Wahh!! Some people can do it, but I know I'm not alone with this.

Now... what should I talk about tomorrow? Meh.


Adolfo said...

Just know that there is a reason why these men are still single at their age.

Don't let these people ever get to you.

Anonymous said...

Most v-blogers seem to have their own comfort zone. Few people like to v-blog with a lot of strangers near by, or in the middle of a crowd. Unless they are trying to act like a pro or reporter or something and trying to interview people. Which is not a typical v-blog anyway. Most seem comfortable making a v-blog in public, as long as no people are close enough to hear them talking. You just have to try it and see where your own comfort zone is. Oh and some people like to hide their camera in a backpack or handbag. You could always try that too. Maybe it would be easier for you. Then people will just think you are a crazy person talking to yourself. LOL.