Saturday, April 11, 2009


I felt like responding to this comment on my last blog. I don't know who did it but whatever.

"You make your life too complicated. First anyone who has watched your videos for even a short time has seen video of you without makeup and/or with your hair in a curly wet ponytail. Maybe even a video of you in your PJs? Could be wrong about the PJs though. So if they weren't bothered enough to stop watching your videos the first time they saw you like that, they probably won't be now."
I don't make my life complicated, I don't know what that's all about. Just because I don't want to make a video when I'm not comfortable doesn't mean I am making things complicated. And I never said the reason is because I think people will unsubscribe, I could care less. I thought it was simple enough just to say I am not comfortable with it. I don't go out in public that way and I don't like people seeing me like that. I am not going to post a video I am uncomfortable with the public seeing. Sometimes I may post a video but when I'm sick I really don't want the world to see me.

"Anyway, isn't that what v-bloging is about? Real life? Unless you're are just aspiring to be one of those fake YouTube Partner v-blogers. Which would be sad if it was true."
I think you're looking too far into this. I am not trying to be fake, I am simply not comfortable without makeup and my hair all shit. I don't share every aspect of my life on YouTube and that is one I wish to rarely show, it doesn't make me at all fake.

"Same thing with your job. Don't make it complicated, by worrying about what other people are thinking. Just take care of yourself. Do your best work, have fun doing it as much as possible, and enjoy the people you are working with. That way things wont be so difficult for you."
Do you think I am choosing to think that way? It's just my insecurity that I have always dealt with. I can't just say to myself, "Ooh Melody, you're making it too complicated for yourself! Stop!" It's just how I am.

I am sure this comment was made with good intentions, or I hope anyways. I just felt like responding because it kind of felt like this person just assumes I am doing things for a reason and that they know what they are. Or something.

I have to go do stuff bye.


Leah said...

I totally understand the not wanting to be seen "undone"...I don't leave the house unless I see myself as decently put together. Simply because I don't like how I look or has nothing to do with other people. We, as women just like to look and feel good and if we don't, then we don't want to be around random people...heck we don't want to be around ourselves when we don't feel good! :) Hope you kick your cold soon!


progvamp said...

You really do have make up on when you vblog? I never noticed, sorry! I thought that's your natural image and it looks great. :)

Hope you're feeling better now and have gotten over the cold. ;)

Anonymous said...

But you are making things complicated. Why waste time putting on makeup for a simple v-blog, that probably won't even show up on the camera anyway. And some people actually think that curly hair and ponytails are attractive. Anyways most of your viewers probably just want to hear what you have to say anyway. Please just be yourself.

Try to make your life simple. Don't be wasting your time trying to analyze every single person, and whether they dislike you, or not. Because, they probably don't. What's not to like about you? So you are just causing yourself a lot of anxiety over nothing. As was the case when you thought your manager didn't like you, but she did.

Morgan said...

Okay, second try at this... the first one errored out.

People need to shut it...

If your note comfortable your not comfortable... dont post anything you dont want to. Things are not complicated, they are actualy pretty simple.

Its your site, your blog, your life. Do what you want with it... if they dont like it, tell them to start their own site and post their feelings.