Friday, April 10, 2009

Ooh I want Poptarts!!

Apparently the new Red Dwarf is crap. That's sad.

I didn't post a video today or yesterday which kind of ruins the whole idea of Vlogging EVERY DAY in April. Meh, people will get over it if they even care. I went into the whole thing with the idea in mind that I probably wouldn't be able to succeed in doing it every day. If I was to be doing the BLOG Every Day April, I would most likely be able to do it.
The truth is, I'm a girl who doesn't like the world to see me without makeup and with my hair in an ugly unruly curly wet ponytail. Oh and in PJs. I COULD easily get all ready just to make a video but I am sick right now with a pretty annoying cold and the IDEA of doing that is enough to make my head hurt.
Oh well, it's not the end of the world. Or even the month. I will still try to make as many videos as I can this month. I haven't completely given up on VEDA. Or even Vlog ALMOST Every Day April. VAEDA. It's an interesting experience and challenge.

I eat so much when I have a cold. It's pretty pathetic actually. At least I got some healthy food in today, haha.

I'm not sure when I will be starting work yet. I went in on Wednesday just to talk to the manager and get things sorted but I guess she wasn't able to "get me back in the system" until today. Whatever that means. I will go in tomorrow just to sign something and that's all I know. It may take a couple weeks to get me on the schedule. That would make sense, considering the schedules for these two weeks are already posted. Hmm.
It will feel so strange going back there. I left with the idea in my head that I wasn't going back and that my last day was my LAST DAY THERE. Not that I'm dreading going back, it will just be weird. Will it feel like going back in time 6ish months? I already feel kind of like that when I just go in to walk around!
I think it took me so long to go back just because I felt this fear of admitting in some way that I should have never left and that even though I some reason thought I could find better, I ended up in a crap job with hardly any money. Before I left, when I put in my two weeks notice, the manager told me that I could instead just take a month off while Isaac was here! That's an amazing opportunity. I mean, how many retail stores in America give someone that has only been there like 5 months a chance to take a month off and still have the job? That's hard to find, really. I am sure another reason I didn't just take that opportunity is because I'm kind of stubborn I guess. I already had it settled in my brain that I was leaving.
I will always remember this one day I went in to pick up my last paycheck. Isaac was with me (we also got some green fabric for a green screen but it has yet to be tested!) and he waited downstairs. I went up with one of the managers. She is one of those people who I just got the feeling didn't like me. I am bad with feelings though, I just assume most people don't like me. Anyways, we went upstairs to the office and I was signing some papers when she said, "I really miss having you here". Or something along those lines. I didn't know how to react, I wasn't expecting it at all.
And there's another one that I had some problems with in the beginning. The basic story of that is that I called in sick and must have gotten on her wrong nerve. She assumed I was faking and the way she spoke to me made me feel horrible. But as time went on, she made a point to tell me that I have really proven myself to her.
Now going back in there and having them seem happy to see me is just so wonderful. I didn't realize how great I had it there! I just don't have that confidence that I am good enough and when I am appreciated by people I work with/for, it makes me unbelievably happy. I think I got pretty lucky with that job and the people that work there.
I am curious to know what all those new women are like though. I hope none of them dislike me too much! Haha. "Who's this new person coming in acting like they already know everything??"
I wonder if I will eventually remember how to use the machines again.

I think Isaac was just doing a bit of the "Single Ladies" song. Haha!

Done talking.


Spiceymike said...

WHAT?!! The Red Dwarf special was brilliant! At least I think it was, definitely back on top form, looking forward to the second part tonight. I was surprised how well the effects were in it. It looks like they put more of that from this special than they did for most of the series, which I was surprised with as I thought this one-ff was going to be a low budget affair when they said it was being done in present day earth.

Anyway, I know what you mean with people at jobs. It can take a good few months just to settle in with people. I had that when I started my job back in August and was told I had to work on this other site and had to get used to being in an environment of people who weren't my colleagues. Now though I'd rather stay on the other site since I've bonded so well with the people there lol. Mind you the majority of them are around my age range which is nice whereas the work colleagues aren't. Plus I'm closer to home as well :).

Anonymous said...

You make your life too complicated. First anyone who has watched your videos for even a short time has seen video of you without makeup and/or with your hair in a curly wet ponytail. Maybe even a video of you in your PJs? Could be wrong about the PJs though. So if they weren't bothered enough to stop watching your videos the first time they saw you like that, they probably won't be now. Anyway, isn't that what v-bloging is about? Real life? Unless you're are just aspiring to be one of those fake YouTube Partner v-blogers. Which would be sad if it was true.

Same thing with your job. Don't make it complicated, by worrying about what other people are thinking. Just take care of yourself. Do your best work, have fun doing it as much as possible, and enjoy the people you are working with. That way things wont be so difficult for you.

Melody said...

The effects are part of what made Isaac not like it so much. The minimum effects and simplicity of it was fun! I don't know though, I didn't get to see it.