Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going grey.

[Insert loud sigh here]
Yes, last VEDA video done today and in 24 minutes, it will be May 1st. April was weird. Weird weird weeeeeeeird. I blame it on VEDA. Oh and the fact that I worked only one day this month. It took a long time for my manager to get me on the schedule so I only worked a day I was called in because I think someone called in sick or something. I really re-start my job in this first week of May.
May already? Really? I am just realizing it's actually going kind of fast.

So why did VEDA mess with my mind so much? Because it's all I can think about! I wake up in the morning and have to plan my day around filming and editing a video which can be quite a chore, even for a simple one. And then I have to try and keep thinking about what I could possibly talk about the next day. Most of the time I would never think of anything but I couldn't stop thinking about it!
In fact, I still am. I feel like I have to make a video tomorrow! BLAH! NO VIDEO TOMORROW HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Enough about VEDA.

I'm getting old. I keep finding grey hairs. They are all about 2 inches long and in random spots on my head. Lovely! I'm not going to pull them out though because that trend seems pointless to me. It's just a grey hair, it's not a disease. Besides, even tugging on them hurts. I don't like pulling out my hair!
It just means I'm maturing. Ha.

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Faith said...

luckeeee, i turn 30 in 5 months and i still don't have one! there's some old artist lady in some tornado movie that had long beautiful grey hair. seeing that on her made me want it even more! :)