Monday, April 27, 2009

Lists of things.

Place I currently wish I could go:
  • ENGLAND. More specifically: Where Isaac is. Obviously.
  • San Francisco. It has sounded like a fun place to go lately. I haven't been there in a while.
  • Disneyland! I could really use the fun.
  • The movie theater. I don't know if any movies are out but I haven't been to a movie theater in about a year or so. That shit's too much $.
  • Some place with lots of animals. Maybe Wildlife Safari again or something. That place is AWESOME.
  • Santa Cruz. Los Angeles... somewhere in California it seems! I love Oregon but sometimes (hardly, but SOMETIMES) I feel like a California person. Maybe because I was born in Santa Cruz? Nah, I just need to get away from here every once in a while.
  • Some mountain. I want to hike.
  • Seattle. I haven't gone to Washington since I was little and I REALLY want to go again.
People I want to see:
  • Isaac. That should be a given. Seriously, did I NEED to say? <3
  • Lindsay. I saw her a couple days ago as we went on a LONG walk all over the place but I want us to just chill or something.
  • Amanda, Jen, and Megan. Plus Lindsay. All at once. I want our group back together! See, Amanda's in New Mexico now (well, now as in for almost 3 years haha), Jen's in Idaho with her husband Johnathan and baby in belly, and Megan's IN Oregon but we just don't talk or see each other. Sometimes the idea of just having that high school free silly fun seems so nice but I don't know if it will ever be the same. Oh well, still want us all together again even if it's to complain about work and talk about babies.
  • David Bowie. As much as I am no longer OBSESSED, I am still BowieChick. I want to see him live in concert at least once or get to see him face to face and say, "Hey."
  • Isaac's mom. Or mum? AHH WHAT IS SHE. She's going to be my mum. That's what I've decided. I won't call her my mother in law, she's just mum. I just want to meet her. Kind of all just related to how I just want to go there!
  • Water. Water is a person I want to see. My throat and mouth are asking to meet it. AHH I'M THIRSTY AND CRAZY.
Things I wish I had:
  • Chapstick on my lips RIGHT NOW. They are bothering me. Ok, wish just granted.
  • Isaac's arms around me and his lips on my cheek. Oh, sorry.
  • Different clothes. I get so sick of what I own and I am so tired of always wearing t-shirts and jeans and simple hoodies. I mean, it was great during high school but I'm not in high school anymore and it just makes me feel sloppy and a bit more ugly. I see others dressed like that and people can pull it off but I no longer am into it for myself. I like nice clothes, I really do. I just don't know how to dress myself and never have the money if I do see something I would love.
  • An apartment of my own. I know that staying here as long as I am allowed is really a nice thing for my parents to allow but I am getting to that point where I feel the need to get out. I know it isn't possible without money so...
  • Money and lots of it. Money can't buy happiness? I say BAH! Sure, I understand that saying but it all depends on how you use what you have spent that money on that makes you happy. I mean, that money could buy me a plane ticket to see Isaac at least once in 2009 and seeing him would make me happier. Or having the kind of money to buy a new computer for myself would mean I wouldn't have to use my dad's causing us to have arguments over who gets to use the computer and stuff. Or when I AM forced to use my computer I can't talk to Isaac on Skype because it drops every 10 seconds making me very angry and NOT happy. Computer = How I communicate with Isaac. Isaac = Happy. So, working computer all my own = happy.
    Whoa, went on a little rant there but don't worry, I won't be spending any money I earn on a new computer anytime soon. In fact, probably no new computer for me until long after 2010. Oh well, I'll deal.
What I don't like about myself right now:
  • My obvious want for money and materialistic items. Shame.
  • My weight.
  • My laziness and lack of energy.
  • Reaccuring lack of creativity.
  • Inability to write or speak properly.
  • My screwed up sleep times.
What I do like about myself right now:
  • My heart. If feels nice all the time.
  • I haven't chewed on my nails in ages.
  • The way my hair looked today.
What I hope to accomplish this year:
  • Earn enough money on my own to pay for wedding, some sort of honeymoon, to help with Isaac's trip and shipping his stuff over (even if I don't have to), and still have enough saved up for everything else.
  • Get back into painting.
  • Make more stuff for Etsy.
  • Read a zillion books. Not really, just more than normal.
  • ChaCha a lot. I became a guide and it's kind of fun!
  • Do the best I can do at work. In the end, I'm getting payed to do it and that's great. Plus, everyone's amazing. Work is good, I need to remember.
  • Figure out what's wrong with my bike gears, fix it, and ride it more.
  • Lose at least 15 pounds.
  • Become a better friend.
  • Realize that I can make great friends on YouTube. I just need to be open to it in order for that to happen. I am a crap communicator, replyer, and internet friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm in a long distance relationship and I HAAAVE to make a sugesstion. Vonage. If you have vonage phone service you can pay $5 extra a month to have a thing called a 'virtual phone number'.

I hope you can follow my explantaion. lol

You choose the city anywhere in the world that you want the phone number to exist, so you would choose the city Isaac lives. Then he calls the virtual number that you have created and it forwards to your vonage home number. Meaning, he's making a local call for free and it's getting forwarded to you for free! (well, for the $5 a month that you're paying) And also, you can then forward any calls to your cell phone so that means that he can technically call your cell without it charging him. It would only take the minuets from your cell phone, unless you have unlimited minuets like I do.

OK. I really hope that made sense. And no, I'm not a crazy Vonage employee, just someone that has used it for years now and is happy to have more communication with the man I love.

Melody said...

Well unfortunately/fortunatly (depending on how you look at it), I am not the one that pays the phone bills. My cell phone is like $17 a month and yeah.. my parents are the one that take care of the land line. If I did though, I would totally jump onto that Vonage thng. That sounds awesome!
Hopefully someone else sees your comment that IS in the same situation and that really could use it.

km said...


what you can do is, download a chat program called paltalk, they have voice chat rooms and you guys can talk all night for free, you can even make your own room.