Friday, April 17, 2009


I gave in and had a look at the current beginning selection of movies and shows available on YouTube now. I watched Carrie because I have never seen the whole thing before. That movie is just terrible! I mean like I can see why people liked it but it makes me angry and grosses me out. Anyways. It's weird, people said that the commercials ruined it but I didn't get commercials. But when I refreshed the page after watching the whole thing, there were commercials and ads. I could see the little yellow tabs for where all of them would be. Why weren't they there the first time?
I don't know, I'm fine I guess with them having this stuff I just hope it stays a little tab and they don't make it all the front page is about or something.

My video I uploaded today (the 16th) has crap quality. I filmed it with my camcorder which CAN have goodish quality but I did it in a pretty badly lit room so I had to up the brightness when editing which made it look a bit weird but then as I tried to export it widescreen, it went poo. It has bars all around and it is all pixely. I spent about an hour trying to play around with export settings on Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 and then uploading private little tests to YouTube. Freakin' annoying. But I finally found out how to do it.... I think. I will really test it tomorrow when I make a video. We'll see how that works. Ahh!

I just realized it's 1:11 AM and I had plans on waking up earlier. Why do I do this? Blah!


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