Thursday, May 1, 2008

11:11 PM, getting ready to sleep

It's only 11:11 PM (early for me) and I'm planning on being in bed before midnight. Weird ahh! But I just need to wake up earlier. Well, "need" to. I don't REALLY have to but I want to. I keep waking up in the about 10:30-11:30 range and I don't like that. It makes the day go too fast!
I cleaned my room today. It was getting pretty bad. I even went through my closet and some drawers and organized a little better. I like feeling organized, nice feeling.
Oh and as for the yoga dvd thing I mentioned a while back, Isaac got me one. It's a good DVD so far. It's some beginners thing but it's basically what we did in class (and some stuff a little different). It has a whole bunch of stuff on it so I've hardly even started trying it all. I think I will do some tomorrow morning. Thanks again Isaac!
Speaking of Isaac, our one year together is in a month (June 1st). One year is a short time really, but it's still a good chunk of time to spend with someone. It has been great!! I LOVE YOU ISAAC!
I want to make music videos to copyrighted music like I used to do a lot. The only problem is that there are a couple I have had for a while and still haven't edited. I don't know WHY but something about the fact that it was with friends and that they are expecting me to make it is kind of sucking the fun out of it. If I film something myself, I will have it done and edited the same day. I really have no idea why that is. Also, the more I procrastinate the more I FORGET to do it. Oh poo! I will try to remember tomorrow.
Maybe that will remind me, if I come back to my own blog tomorrow.

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