Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cuppycake gumdrops

I love cupcakes.

I made dinner again tonight. I made this so if you ever want to try something different but simple, there you go. I thought it was pretty good. I didn't take a picture though. Oh btw, someone asked if I made the french toast in that one picture and yes I did.

I love the smell of fresh lemons. That meal doesn't have a strong lemon flavor though, btw.

Oh now I want lemonade.

I get to open the gift from Isaac in the morning! YAY!

I need to clean my room. Bye!

*If you are the type of person who thinks of marriage when you think of anniversary, like I am, I want to clear that it is not a wedding anniversary but a relationship anniversary. There you go.

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Martyn said...

I made a lovely omlette just the other day.

I was sotra strapped for filling ideas, so went for chopped hot dog and cheese. Was deeeeeelicious. Served with a chopped tomato and some cucumber. MMmm... I definately suggest you try it sometime!

Oh and thanks for replying to my previous comment waaaaay down there, about T.K/J Maxx. I do see what you mean with this commenting thing, it doesn't even seem like the comments page is even part of your blog in general. I run Wordpress on mine (When I update it!), and I think the comments just pop up below the post or something... *shrugs*