Friday, May 16, 2008


I have an interview for this one retail crafty place on Sunday, so wish me luck people. NOW!

Yesterday and today were so hot. Stupid heat. It's fine if it was summer but it's NOT summer yet. Give me a break. 97-103 degrees (about)? Man, man.

I really don't have anything to say.

Oh tomorrow I'm going to do something very fun. But I can't say what because anyone could track me down if I did. So I'm now. But it should be fun. I've always loved... this... thing... and I am excited to go again.

There's an annoying little fly thing in my room.

Cloverfield was weird.


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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the interview. You probably wont need it though. If they called you, they probably need you. So they will hire you, probably right away.

One suggestion, you probably already know this, but. In the interview, if they ask you about working at Toy R Us. Avoid saying anything negative. Just tell them it was a WONDERFUL job. You loved working there so much, but you HAD to quite, to go to school full time. It sounds so much better.

Just be positive, and the interview should go fine.