Friday, May 23, 2008

Lazy rainy day.

I think I was dead today. Really. I woke up quite early and spent most of the day watching TV. I don't do this often. Maybe more than those "TV is so not cool - I'm too good for television" types of people but really not often. I just chilled in my sweat pants and indulged in Little House on the Prairie. That's right!
I eventually made it to my room where I continued to be lazy. Started with a little cam chatting with Isaac (which, btw, Skype keeps dropping our calls randomly... PSH!) then I watched a million videos.
It was a rainy day today anyways so it was perfect to be lazy.
I called in work this morning because I got a message from the manager yesterday. Some lady was pregnant and left without warning so I am taking her shifts next week. This means I have 32 hours next week on Monday through Thursday. Considering Monday is going to have a big sale, I am a little freaked out. I'm NEW and still having problems trying to figure some stuff out. I can't even remember how to clock in! And they are going to be expecting me to do all of this new stuff when a whole bunch of people will be there for the sale. Ah! Nervous! But I should be getting some good money for that week alone. Thank God for Oregon's minimum wage being pretty good. $7.95 now. Isn't that higher than most states? Washington has the highest.

Ok I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

Oh I saw these pretty rockin' zebra striped dishes in T.J. Maxx yesterday. They were those squarish types of plates and stuff. Ah I loved them. I am just drawn to black and white stuff. I want them, rawr.


Anonymous said...

Wow you're off to a good start. 32 hours and a three day weekend. Hope you can keep those hours.

Yeah California is about the same, $8.00 an hour. However the Federal minimum wage is only $5.85. That sucks.

André Ferrigato said...

Brazil's minimun wage is U$ 240,00 a month but São Paulo is about U$ 350,00 a month (a high school degree)... São Paulo is the capital of the State of São Paulo...

Martyn said...

Is it really T.J. Maxx in the US? - or was that a typo?

My nearest one in the UK is T.K. Maxx!

Would be weird if it was different! :)

samantha said...

geez id hate to live in america with your not so great wages!
i live in australia and atm im on $18something an hour and i am in desperate need of a pay rise! gr gr