Saturday, May 17, 2008


I mentioned a "fun thing" I was going to do today. Yeah, bummed out. It was a school carnival at some elementary school. I used to go to this carnival thing every year. I went but it wasn't really that fun this time.. at all.

The reason is that I went with people that weren't really open to the fun that it could be. They are kids but one assumes she is too old to do anything child-like. She's only 11/12 or something, I think. And the other is her younger sister who is a little shy and seems to just do what her older sister will do (nothing?). She finally did do some stuff... SOME. And the youngest of course would do plenty of stuff but she's only 3 so she is VERY slow (not mentally, I mean a slow walker/doer) and pretty bratty. She wants her way with everything.

Last time I went I went with Cheyenne. I know she would be a blast because we always have fun together. I think we both see how fun it could be instead of expecting the fun to just fall on our laps. She would have gone with me instead but she was busy.

At least when I got home after walking in the heat with a three year old in my arms Isaac was online and we played virtual pool and darts together on MySpace. That was fun. Oh and a little Mad Gab.

I should be congratulated for putting sunblock on all over every day for a few days now. I normally forget and I burn easily. I rather be pale than tan anyways. Tan is so over rated. Besides, it's not like I tan properly. As I said, I burn. And if I do tan a little it will happen to be when wearing pants so only my arms/chest/face get tanned while my legs stay white. Right now they are about the same pale-ness so that makes me happy.

I still need a haircut but it's not really that high on my list of priorities right now.

Interview tomorrow.

We had a pretty late dinner. I think I ate at about 9:30ish. Oh man, I was really hungry by then. But the problem with eating late is now I feel like I should have a few more hours of my night but it's already 10:30. Whoopdie doo!

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