Monday, May 5, 2008

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I have a new video up called "We're Cool Like Dat!". It seems to not be generally accepted by my audience but whatever. [EDIT: ok, maybe just not accepted by SOME.] I had fun making it with Lindsay nonetheless and I find it funny myself. I don't commonly find my own videos funny so this is rare. Why are these people trying to ruin that for me? Oh and Lindsay uploaded this "behind the scenes" type of video. Something that happened when we were just finishing up our last shot. She called it "Teenage Boys". Yeah, go watch if you wanna.

I was reading some more about Jim Jones (the cult leader, not the rapper) and about Michael Travesser and all these other lame-os. It's very interesting stuff to me. You know, cults and religions (which some may say are interchangeable words). It's interesting also how my view of religion has definitely changed in the last year or two-ish. But I won't go there because it really doesn't concern anyone else. But I'm about to watch "The End of the World Cult." on youtube, uploaded in 5 parts...

Subscription update: K80blog. I've finally subscribed. The recent "I got robbed" video along with her "Why I'm Not in the YouTube Partners Program!" are the things that really caught my attention.

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Anonymous said...

Why did you think your video was not generally accepted?

The comments on YouTube seem to be at least 80% positive. 10% typical hatter comments, hating on your videos for no particular reason, and the remainder, people just asking questions or not giving any particular opinion.

I'd say it was pretty well accepted.