Monday, April 21, 2008

Anxiety attacks are exhausting.

HDohoihodih IH oifh!

I just wish I could hide and paint. I know it sounds cheesy and like the typical "wannabe artist"... but I AM a typical wannabe artist, I'm sure.
But that's not the point. I really do have the urge to just hide in this room and paint a whole bunch of stuff. Not care about anything else I may have to do or care about making a mess with the paint.
It's not as though I believe I'm an amazing artist... I JUST LIKE TO PAINT AND WANT TO DO IT NOW! I WANT A GOLDEN EGG NOW!

That would be nice.

I want chocolate. I will have hot chocolate after typing this.

MrPregnant is annoyingly funny.

Itchity quack quack snookie snoooooo!!

There is no point to this blog.

Oh, I have been wanting a good yoga DVD or something. I took yoga once and liked it but wish I could do it at home on my own. Only problem is I forgot most of what we did in there plus I want to do MORE. So if there is a small chance that someone that happens to come by my blog knows of a really good yoga DVD, would you PLEASE let me know? I don't want some crap thing.

This room smells like oil paints.

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