Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Ask... Me... Things...." Answers

About a year ago I made a video telling people they could ask me whatever. I don't really like answering the questions in videos because I tend to go on and on with the answers or don't know what to say. Instead, I will answer some questions here. I don't even remember which ones I've already answered in a video... so sorry if there are repeats.

Have you ever met Mr Jones himself ? I've met him twice !!
Well Johnny, GOOD FOR YOU! [Enter jealousy here] I have not met David Bowie (Jones is his birth last name, for those wondering) and doubt I ever will. I haven't even been close!

I just thought of another question. Have you ever made a video that you were too embarrassed to post on YT or LV?
YES. Oh goodness yes.

David Bowie with his "old" teeth or David Bowie with his "new" teeth? I like him with his "old" set of teeth...
His old teeth gave him more character. I liked them a lot! His new ones are almost too straight and weird. I believe he should go get his old choppers back! I wonder if Iman made him do it...

Ever traveled anywhere besides Los Angeles?
Yes. But never left the US. I've been to Oregon, Washington, all over California (though LA was my first time in SOUTHERN California), Colorado, and Nevada. I think that's it. I was born in California.

Where were you 9/11/01?
I was home getting ready for school, I think. And then when I went to school that day everyone was talking about it and I was so confused. I didn't even know what the world trade centers were! I was 13 years old.

Ever been in an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster?
Not that I know of. Oregon seems to not get any of that stuff or at least not that bad.

What would you do with $10,000?
1) Buy a new computer. 2) Give some to Isaac for him to come here and then use some to go THERE. 3) MOVE OUT. The rest would basically be saved and used for things money is used for. Ha. I'm selfish.

At this point in your existence, are you in a, "Oh, I want to find a guy to be the love of my life" phase or are you in the, "Oh, I just wanna buddy to go to the movies/ beach/concert with who will just giggle if I shove my ice cream cone in his face on a wild impulse" phase?
BOTH!!! How could I think a guy was the love of my life if we didn't have crazy fun together? I've got both!

Are you a member of
No. I hear that right now, since Bowie isn't really even USING it, it isn't much better than a normal message board. I'm not spending money for that! I will stick with BowieWonderWorld, thank you.

If you could have a career as an actress, film director, painter/artist, or web designer. Which would you choose?
If I was a great artist and was able to live off of it I would DEFINITELY choose artist. I suck at acting/directing and don't have the confidence. Buut it looks like the only realistic thing would be web designer, but I don't know how much of an interest in that I have. Oh gosh, but if you are talking DREAM I would go with artist.

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