Friday, April 25, 2008


People I am subscribed to in order they appear on my YouTube subscription list:

You guys probably already know who this is. If not, check him out. His videos are actually getting him roles in indie films now or something. He does re-enactment videos. I think he's great.
Mellomel was one of the first people to ever really talk to me on YouTube. We don't talk anymore but I still watch his videos from time to time. He is a very nice man.
Morbeck Morbeck Morbeck. I am not sure what to say about this guy. We used to talk on Stickam and stuff and I would find his videos hilarious.. but lately I haven't been amused by his videos more like concerned. What's going on with him anyways? Oh well, I will stay subscribed.
One of the first vloggers I saw on YouTube. Though I didn't see him until after I started, he was doing it before me. Of course. Anyways, I just find him interesting. BTW, I am one of the (what seems like) few people that can pronounce his channel name. He explains it in one video.

When I first saw "LittleLoca" I was a little afraid of the possibility of her talking about me on a video. But soon I just found her interesting and kind of funny so I didn't really care anymore. Then of course there was the whole thing of "Is LittleLoca an actress??" But some reason as soon as it was revealed to be an act, I just loved it even more. I mean, that was the second character I saw on YouTube (first being emokid21ohio) and I just thought it was wonderful.
She's my friend. Lindsay. Hello, of course I am subscribed. She was just with me an hour ago or so watching Michael Jackson.
I think his videos are hilarious! But not so family friendly, of course. And he's weird. That's always good. Plus he always seemed pretty nice on Stickam.
"Omg is this the same girl that does LittleLoca?? No way!" Yeah I don't know if I really need to explain anymore.
He's weird and makes weird little weird weird 3d experimental videos or something. Haha weird.
Come on! It's PimplyWimp! I think his videos are very well done and he's just so funny. After he asked me to do part of the YouTube: The Movie thing I knew he was a nice guy. After meeting him in person, this was just validated. Ryan was such an awkwardly weird guy and just really nice.

She's such a sweetheart and I really enjoy watching her videos. And that's all I have to say. VK Out.

I was really interested in what he had to say. He started some weight loss vlogging thing but some reason after he started that, he has pretty much stopped making videos. Just adding one every few YEARS (well, it feels like it anyways).

Very enjoyable videos and personality. Not really sure what else to say really. Just like her videos.

I found him after his violetkitty411 impression. It was so perfect! He's just weird and I don't know if you can tell but weirdness is just something I like to subscribe to.
TheWineKone's second account. Naturally had to subscribe, duh.
Ysabellabrave just has such a sweet personality and I adore watching her videos. This is just her "talking" channel, obviously, but I love the way she approaches the things she talks about.

Um another Stevie account. I love the old fashioned videos, she just does them so well!
And Stevie's 4th and final (I believe, who knows?) account. I love the videos she puts on this one! HILARIOUS! oh and I might as well take this time to say that Stevie, as a person, is also really cool. We haven't talked in ages but meeting her and the time I spent there in LA was great thanks to her. I will always have great memories of Disneyland and stuff. It was my first time there, after all. What better first could it have been?

Freakin' weird youngins. BTW, Lucas used to stalk my Stickam pretty much. Psh stalker. Jk. Kind of. They just make carefree videos. Reminds me of the home videos that would be made before youtube. Just so silly and fun.
When I think of her I honestly think of the words "hi" and "sorry". She just says sorry way too much! But her videos are great.
I just think this character is really funny! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!
Someone sent me her website,, a long time ago. When I found out she was uploading her videos onto YouTube I just had to subscribe. WTF?? I just noticed her account is closed and her website just says she is on hiatus. AHH SHE CAN'T DO THIS TO US!!
I think they are pretty funny. I wouldn't have known about them if they didn't do the short lived Online Nation with Stevie. They sent me this one CD of theirs and I think it is hilarious. I also love how they don't think they have to be vulgar to be funny.
I love her singing voice and her videos. 'Nuff said.
Such a nice and strong guy. Check out his art! And his videos always seem to get me thinking. I know that not everyone with his condition would be brave enough to put themselves out there for the world. Heck, not even I feel brave enough for the YouTube world sometimes. But I'm glad he is putting videos up and opening up to us.
I just think he's fun to watch. Yep. I am getting tired of typing. I think I will now make them all short. Yes.

She was on ANTM. I love ANTM. Put it together.
Fun character. Always interesting.
Funny guy! I normally don't care about the "news" of celebrities but he makes it fun! Pull shapes.
OMG his personality is great. I actually laugh out loud a lot with his videos. He's just so fun to watch.
DaxFlame's extra channel. I don't know why. It's Dax.
Though I didn't like it at first I became addicted. Now I can't stop watching but always end up wanting the whole thing to just finally get an ending already!
LG15 dude.
LG15 dude. A different one.
What the buck's more personal channel. You get to see the more human side of him.
I don't know. Funny stuff sometimes?
Her videos make me happy.
I actually find the "boring vlogging" side of "Brookers" to be more entertaining than the "Brookers" brookers. Dunno why.

The man behind "Zipster08". Great guy.
I love her older ghetto living series. Oh and yes I find fart jokes to be funny! Fart. Poop.
Have you SEEN this guy's work? How can you not like it? It's crazy!
SteAndKel are obviously just great. I don't know how people could not like their personalities. They are the perfect team. It's kind of like one of those tv shows where you see some people you think would be a good couple and you just keep waiting for them to finally get together. "We're just friends!" Whatever.
Spice Girls.
Creatively done videos. I love this bloke.
My friend Jen. like actual friend. Check her out.
I got a friend request from her on MySpace and that's when I first saw her videos. If you haven't watched them, you should. She is brilliant!
They all seem like fun girls. I don't think you need to like Harry Potter to like them. They started the "fiveawesome".
For the times I feel like getting away from the vlogging and funny videos and just want to learn something. I guess.
It's Isaac. The love of my life. How could I not subscribe. He has made a couple videoblogs so check them out!
This guy has the best Bowie/Lennon/everything impressions. He sings the stuff himself too and it's just great.
Another real-life friend, Amy.
Isaac and I. Isaac and Melody. IseAndMel vs. SteAndKel.
This project interested me. Haven't seen any videos lately.
"Lindsay Lohan" got me hooked. I don't know what it is but I love the videos.
Used to watch her on LV when she would blog there. I think she's just so real or something.
OMG just so funny Jimone!

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