Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Made meself a shirt

So last night I remembered I had to sew a button back onto this one top I had. BUT instead of doing that, I instead got out this huge XL mens shirt my dad gave me (he got it for free and figured I could use it for PJs or crafts or something) and started working on it. I didn't know what I was doing because I've never made a shirt before and didn't look up how to do it... just started doing it.
I am quite proud of my finished result. I mean, it's pretty good for someone who has never done this before and didn't have ANY instruction, right? Oh yeah, and it was sewn completely by hand too. The only part that was already done for me was the hem on the bottom...

This last one was a better picture for showing the bunching up in the front, the only problem is it looked as though I was trying to show off cleavage... >_<
As for the back, it's pretty simple. It has those buttons by the straps on the back too though.

My mom had no idea I did it and when she came home from shopping she asks when I got it. I told her I made it and she thought I was joking at first.

In other "news":
My laptop, though cleared of viruses and trojans (yes, someone shoved some condoms up in it's hard drive), is currently non-usable. The AC adapter had some little crack in it or something and for a while in order to get it to work I would just move it around and twist it until it did. That no longer is an option. I just ordered another one. It's a good thing I at least have my dad's computer. I just wish I could order a new BATTERY (the one I have only lasts 11 minutes, if even that) but those things are "hella" pricey. Dang. If I had over $630 I could easily buy a new laptop (already looked into this) but I don't even have $4. Seriously, yo. Oh well, some day I will get the money.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you should make these and sell them on eBay or something.