Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Youtube is my life?

Over these two years on YouTube I have received countless comments and messages saying that I should get a life and stop spending all of my time on YouTube. They basically assume YouTube is ALL I do. Yet they favorite and rave about some of the more "popular" youtubers. You know, the YTers that end up with 100+ comments within the first 30 minutes of posting a video.
In some ways, I feel they are almost right because I DO spend a lot of time on there...
These YouTubers they idolize seem to have seriously dropped their old life and are
I'm not just making this up, I have come to this conclusion by all of their blogs/myspaces/etc I have seen. It's like all they can talk about is YouTube. All of their friends are other more popular YouTubers. They fly from all over for youtube gatherings and to be in each other's videos.
It's kind of depressing for me to see because YouTube is just a little part of my life and for these people it seems to be all that they have. That would make me feel empty.
Just felt like saying this. Thank you blog readers (if there are any) for listening.


Blog Reader said...

Your welcome !

Samantha said...

All the other well-known YouTubers seem like they just make videos for their other popular YouTube friends, celebrating the greatness of each other. I'm getting sick of all the collaborations. Your videos are still real and genuine. So thank YOU for that.

(I hope you don't think I'm being a creeper, scouring through your blog and leaving random comments lol)