Friday, April 18, 2008

Going green?

First off, I got the adapter for my laptop so I can use it again, yay!

Second I was just wondering something about this going green thing. Ok it's great and all and it's good that so many companies and people are into it... but how many of these celebrities (and/or just regular people) that walk around in shirts saying "SAVE THE EARTH, GO GREEN" or whatever REALLY care? How many of them actually do something about this other than just buying clothing or saying some phrase? I see so many people that promote going green but they hardly mention what they are doing to do their part. Do they just see it as a trend or some way to make them APPEAR to be a better person?

On a completely different note...
Tyra Banks.

Ok well it can almost be related because in the last cycle she kept promoting "going green" but really this isn't about that.
If you know me, which I doubt you (whoever you may be) do unless you are Isaac or someone.... though I don't know who reads this other than him...
If you know me you probably know I am obsessed with ANTM and love to watch the Tyra show. I find Tyra Banks to be hilarious in some weird way and also just get so into ANTM. But one thing just bugs the crap out of me about Tyra. Not literally because that would be weird and gross. But she just seems to act as though she knows and understands every thing. She tries to be a psychologist way too often. Come on woman, just because you host a show it doesn't mean you are some god of it. If I could meet her, I gladly would. I am sure she might be down to earth in person but the image she gives off on TV seems to be so self absorbed. If ever there is someone having a hard time, she seems to have to find a moment to mention when SHE went through a hard time just like it/oh so much worse and ignores that they are sad NOW and don't need to hear your sob stories.

As for America's Next Top Model, I want either Lauren, Anya, or Katarzyna to win. Mostly Lauren because well, duh. I can't stand Dominique and I don't like her look. Fatima isn't interesting and she doesn't look unique at all. Whitney bugs me and AGAIN doesn't look any different than a million people I have seen before and I doubt they would let her win anyways (plus size for those non-viewers). I normally don't judge people on their looks (who am I to judge, right?) but you can't hate me for it here, it IS a modeling competition. But then again I bet they will choose someone I don't really care for. What was with last cycle? Saleisha Stowers being the winner? She was so plain and I've seen her a million times before (not HER but people that look like her). And damn why did they have to give her that haircut?

ENOUGH with this ranting. Goodnight.

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mr green jeans said...

I think Tyra is black not green