Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bitter? Shmitter...

I have received a few comments from people saying I have gotten bitter.
Sure, I have changed in the last year or two but it's not that I've gotten bitter! I AM a happier person and I AM starting to realize more of who I am and what I want in life (credit for this does NOT go to YT, credit goes to growing up and falling in love, etc.)
Things have always bugged me and just because I mention them or complain about these things openly it doesn't mean I'm any angrier with the world than before. Maybe the world's perception of who BOWIECHICK really is is the thing that is changing. Maybe the world is seeing a little more Melody and a little less of the internet persona.
I am not going to feel bad about this because I know that it isn't me, it is just how these people are viewing me.

On another and perhaps a little more cheerful note:
AMANDA COMES TOMORROW! I am picking her up from the airport tomorrow and then later we are going to Jen's bachelorette party (hen night for those who would be less American than I). Don't worry, it won't be some drunk slutty night like the typical stupid ones you may or may not know of.
I am STILL confused about some details of this wedding. I will probably be confused through out the whole wedding, I'm sure. Oh well, I will just follow my fellow bridesmaids mindlessly and look pretty.
Our dresses aren't ugly, yay!

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with a good rant video. Lots of people rant in v-blogs. Your videos haven't changed that much. You've been doing that type of videos since the beginning.

Just keep on expressing yourself how you feel. If people are bugged by it. Whatever. They should probably watch something else then.