Thursday, April 10, 2008

Songs that remind me of being a kid...

I was just going through some songs that make me think of any time from the past. Most were just songs that were popular on the radio or something. When I was younger I just listened to whatever. I have weird memories listening to them all, ahh!

Haha Janet Jackson. I would include "All For You" too but I'm going to try to just put one video per artist up.

Of course I had to include this!!

Along with other old Green Day stuff...

And the OTHER Will Smith stuff, of course! Gettin' Jiggy Wit It!

I was in love with 3LW in middle school. Weird. Oh and all of the REAL music videos had embedding disabled, so this is all I could do. Damn copyright laws.

Again with the good videos being non-embeddable. Well it is the video just not in synch. HAHA Christina Aguilera.


I have strange memories of being in my room with my little white stereo doing absolutely nothing. That and rollerblading around my neighborhood to this song along with others (I had a little portable radio thing I brought with me).

Ahh ok sorry about all the videos, I was taking a wild ride "down memory lane". As you might be able to see, it took a while for me to build my own musical taste.

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