Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don't like fish.

I hate shopping for clothes. T-shirts are easy to shop for. Everything else? Not so much. At least when you're a 5'2" or something chubby chick. I'm not tall or big enough for plus sizes but not small enough for the other clothes. I already know juniors clothing, though I like some, is not a good place to shop if you have any thighs or hips because all pants are for curveless girls. And as for shirts, don't expect to get a cute nice top if you have boobs because they are all too small in the boobie section. And then if I go to any other section, like for "petite" or "misses" or whatever all those other sections are, the clothes are almost too mature and big and hell just most look like shit. I just want nice clothes. Not expensive, but nice. I am sick of t-shirts and jeans all the time. Sorry this is just stressing me out.
I went out today with my mom because I need to get a job and don't have anything nice to wear to interviews. So we were out for HOURS and I FINALLY found 1 shirt. ONE FREAKING TOP. I mean, it's a pretty good one and it was on sale but to go out for HOURS and have it be the ONLY thing that worked? We went from store to store and from section to section, some sections we went back to more than once.
I want candy.

I had a dentist appointment today, just for a regular cleaning thing. I hadn't gone in about 2 years (oops) and I was so afraid to go! Normally when I went it would seem as though they would find something bad about my teeth (like the start of a cavity) because I have pretty "groovy" teeth. Not wicked cool teeth but there are a lot of grooves in my back choppers. So yeah, stuff would get stuck back there. But I have had pretty much all of them filled so they aren't as groovy and this time at the dentist they just said my teeth were looking excellent.
But I still don't like going to the dentist. I don't like them poking and scraping at my teeth and gums. And I don't like that gritty stuff they put all over your teeth. I don't know what it is. And I just feel uncomfortable lying there with my mouth wide open.
They make you wear funny sunglasses at mine. To protect your eyes from the light they shine in your face.

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